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Little changes to boost your mood

Here we are again after another hiatus. I seem to dive in and out of blogging as I dive in and out of major life changes. I needed some time out to relax, look after myself and get healthy again, something I seem to periodically neglect and forget how truly important self care is. I have a few tips and ideas if you are seeking some motivation or encouragement, but rather than being big life changes they are sometimes obvious, small, homely crafts that are they key to promoting positivity.

I am sat here with a herbal tea, Netflix on and a new shiny magazine that probably cost too much for the copious amount of Fashion adverts smattering most of the pages, BUT it makes me happy.

  1. Pick up a good book and have a read. Okay so I am the worst for switching off from TV, my phone and the internet as a whole, but when you actually get into a book you love and you can’t put it down without wondering what lies on the next page, that’s a special feeling. Despite us being full swing into Winter there is nothing more refreshing than a sunny morning, a cosy coat and a little read in the garden. I am usually an avid reader of crime fiction but I am a huge fan of The Smiths and have been hanging onto the Morrissey autobiography for far too long. Ok so it’s not the cheeriest read, but it’s amusing, relate-able and something to take your mind off the whirlwind of checking your phone 20 times. Book genre optional πŸ˜‰



2. Bake. You don’t even have to be able to bake, trust me I am a kitchen disaster, but buy a packet of ready made cake mix, cookie dough or follow a simple recipe. For me the process is just so soothing of actually mixing the ingredients and taking that first bite of a hot gooey cookie after not letting it stand to cool for quite long enough. Don’t fancy baking, skip that and indulge in some chocolate because you deserve to treat yourself okay.IMG_2373

3. Light some candles, it’s an obvious cliche but I immediately feel relaxed when I have bought a new candle, get into the bath or bed and have the scent filling the room, the heat lightly warming the air and the relaxing glow.

4. Buy yourself a small treat. Again you don’t have to have a haul or shower yourself in lavish gifts, just buying myself a new glossy magazine is enough to perk me up and think I deserve this. I am going to enjoy the pages, the Fashion, Beauty and stories and not think about anything else for that moment.


5. Okay so I said treat yourself, and I am total advocate for that whenever the hell you want to be fair BUT if you want to feel good on the outside then you need to put healthy food into your body. I am rubbish at eating three meals a day and instead snack throughout the day, after dinner and usually before bed, however this is usually snacks like crisps, white bread, energy drinks etc where the energy is burnt and expelled so quickly that I am left shortly feeling the need for something else to boost me. I haven’t subscribed to Graze for a couple of years but I have jumped back on the bandwagon because it helps me keep my snacks healthy and balanced, and I really enjoy the small cakes/ slices with a teabag- they are low in calorie and perfect for a mid afternoon slump.


6. Animals. If you are lucky enough to have your own pet then spending some quality time with them always makes me feel warm and fuzzy and it’s a great stress reliever and distraction. However if you don’t, something I like to do is visit pet shops at the weekend, even look at the aquarium, and also visit horses in fields. I also like to pet sit whilst babysitting so if you have that opportunity open to you it’s a great idea!


7. Give to charity, offer some spare time to volunteer or just offer a listening ear to a pal or someone who needs it. I genuinely think that doing good for others really makes you feel better in yourself.

8. Do your make-up, wear clothes that make you feel fabulous, spritz on a gorgeous scent and if you are feeling great on the exterior you’ll feel more confident and good on the inside. Our pharmacy got robbed and I was so tempted to stay at home in bed, or roll out of bed with my hair scraped back and not bother, but actually putting an effort into my morning routine really helped me walk into work that day.

9. Spend time with your family and friends. When I’m depressed I’m inclined to hide away and the more I exclude myself the harder it is to actually get back out there again. Force yourself even if it isn’t for a long period of time or you have to leave, it’s not a failing it’s just ace to have some lovely company and know people are there for you.

10. Start ridding negativity from your life. Whether that’s mess and clutter, negative people bringing you down, a bad, stressful job- it is so important to cleanse yourself of that to start moving forward.


Would love for you to drop your thoughts below xx

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