What I’ve been loving this week

You know when sometimes you have a truck load of responsibilities and it all gets on top of you? The best thing to probably  do is to keep calm, plan everything in a sensible way and don’t let procrastination get the better of you. Well this week has been a little naughty I guess in terms of keeping to schedule (excluding exercise, that never gets missed of course!). It was Pete’s 22nd birthday so we have been out and about celebrating and am popping ‘home’ to Brighton tomorrow too for a little overnight stay, so that will probably explain my absence. However I have been loving LOTS of things this week- how fab is that to hear from such a pessimist? WOOHOO. So here goes:

#1  IMG_0423

Living by the sea.

It doesn’t matter how much I can find fault with where I live I will never grow tired of living on the seaside. I was born and bred in Portsmouth, and despite my 6 year move to Kent I then returned to the seaside following Brighton, Eastbourne and Worthing since leaving home for University. There is something tranquil, calming and natural about the sea, and something I would never trade to move somewhere else.





It’s no secret that I love animations, cartoons and fantasy films, but after the Big Hero 6 advert being dragged out over Christmas and New Year I felt that the film was going to be overhyped. When supposed ‘funny’ scenes are leaked and overplayed it then sometimes becomes uncomfortable to watch which it did-ish in parts, however the film had a lot more depth and emotion than what I expected, however I shouldn’t have underestimated Disney as they are hard pushed to ever make a bad film. DEFINITELY go and see it even if you aren’t a huge Disney fan. Lots of laughs, twists and even some holding back tears. 


My new faux fur scarf.

Firstly it was an absolute ASOS bargain, and isn’t it so warm and cosy?!



Afternoon Tea at The Denton

denton 2

The first time I have had afternoon tea in about 5 years, and despite my shamefully indulgent Subway to go to the cinema with I still enjoyed this…despite not being able to finish it (tut tut, sorry!). The beauty of a seaside town is that there are multiple cafes, restaurants with lots of them featuring sea and pier views which is beautiful on a calm, clear day. 


Ice-Cream in Winter


There’s something satisfying and heartbreaking about ruining a diet, but seeing as I committed to Subway AND afternoon tea it was kind of an eff it moment. It’s rare I will see Winter as an opportunity to get an ice-cream out so when in Rome…


LAST but not least


I am not sure how many other people appreciate this, in fact are there any of you out there? But anyway, I am obsessed with Star Wars Clone Wars episodes and watch them in bed before sleep as that’s how I get my kicks…..


What have you been this loving this week?

Will catch up with you all on my return from Brighton ❤

15 thoughts on “What I’ve been loving this week

  1. Big Hero 6 looks so good, I think i’ll be heading to see it soon too!
    I love living by the sea too, especially in the summertime so I can head down to the beach! Brighton looks like such a beautiful place to visit, it would be ideal for a summer break 🙂



  2. Ice cream in winter and living by the sea – YES! I don’t live by the sea but It’s my goal too. I’ve already spent a week by the sea in Ireland this month and took a trip to Brighton this weekend. It’s hard to stay away from the sea… and it’s even harder to stay away from ice cream (even in Winter!)


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