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Teatox by Slimming Solutions

  Teatox; another word coined thanks to our detox obsessed, tea drinking and weight loss culture. The idea, the word and the culture are constantly questioned and under fire, with mixed opinions thrown about on social media. I for one welcome the Teatox. I am a tea drinking fanatic and up until the last few years have only started combatting my breakfast tea and caffeine addiction. I have moved onto drinking herbal tea with the very rare breakfast tea, and therefore it is worth bearing in mind that I love herbal remedies. Prior to my post I have seen a lot of people either struggling with the taste or disliking it, but I truly believe if you aren’t a regular herbal tea drinker you can learn to love it, or even sweeten it with some honey to start with.

Teatox by Slimming Solutions 14 Day pack £19.99*


I received 14 days worth of the daytime blend teabags, and 7 bags for night time use. Before you start your tea detox you are advised to undertake a ‘clean eating’ programme, where you can opt on the website for a free booklet to be sent out to you with your tea pack. I don’t think it’s 100 percent necessary to have a diet overhaul but you can’t really expect results if you are sat eating burgers, fast food and takeaways. 

I have consciously started cutting out meat almost completely and am using Quorn and Linda McCartney foods as substitutes when I get a meat craving. I am filling my day full of salads, fruit, natural yoghurt, vegetable juices and low fat proteins. I am by no means on an actual diet to lose weight, I am changing the foods that I eat to give myself a healthier body and better well-being. 

I feel like the biggest cause of my bloating is down to bread, something I just can’t seem to eliminate from my diet. I always opt for stoneground wholemeal and it seems even more filling and bloating than white bread. The detox tea instructions tell you to enjoy your morning blend as close to waking up as possible, if I am not having bread then I will make a glass of water with lemon and enjoy that alongside my tea. However if my breakfast is a little heavier then I have a tea after as I feel like it helps soothe my stomach and makes me feel a lot less bloated.



I find the teas really relaxing, but then I do with most hot drinks. They are a guilt free hot drink which is actually pretty rare, as I can never feel good after a cup of coffee, standard tea or a bloating hot chocolate.

The daytime blend is composed of ‘Chinese Oolong tea (38%), Siberian Ginseng (20%), Fennel (10%), Lemongrass (10%), Nettle leaves (8%), Ginger root (5%), Dandelion leaf (5%), Ginseng root (2%), Salvia miltiorrhiza (2%)’

Thanks to my Grandma I am pretty open to try any herbal teas and have had nettle by itself before now so know it’s great for stomach cleansing and digestion aiding properties. The tea itself contains no sugar or artificial additives, and you should leave the teabag in for 2-3 minutes to infuse. If I am perfectly honest I just left it in the mug the whole time whilst drinking it to give it more flavour. As I mentioned previously though if you can’t stomach it then definitely add some honey or lemon (or both) as I think they are pretty delicious additions anyway.




The night-time blend is the tea that CAN cause a mild laxative effect, did I experience it? No. I have to say I am honestly shocked that my stomach stayed settled, but then perhaps it’s because of my already healthy tea drinking habits. The night time blend is comprised of different ingredients to the day time and has : Senna leaves (20%), Hawthorn leaves (20%), Lotus leaves (14%), Fenugreek seeds (12%), Burdock root (14%), Peppermint (8%), Psyllium seeds (8%), Valerian root (2%), Liquorice root (2%)

Most herbal teas will relax me and make me feel cleansed inside, whereas the slimming solutions tea seemed to give me energy too. While I am not sure it made me feel less bloated than other teas (as I find they do a great job anyway) I definitely feel a lot more energised and cleansed. I didn’t find the taste unpleasant and actually enjoyed it, and it didn’t upset my stomach. 

Would I pay the full price? Probably. It is a lot more than I fork out on herbal teas but I would like to do a long term assessment and see whether it differs enough from my usual teabags effect. It gets you into a good habit of having it when you first wake up which I think can aid to making you eat less through the day as we often mistake hunger for thirst. I also think they are really relaxing to enjoy before bed with a scented candle lit, it will send you to sleep like a treat. 

*The teatox was sent to me for my honest opinion & review*

If you have tried a Teatox let me know what you thought and if you had a positive experience too.

21 thoughts on “Slimming Solutions TEATOX

  1. Very informative post and I’ve never actually got around to trying tea detoxes before! The closest I have got is in the form of Green Tea and the Macha Green Teas 🙂 I definitely need to try them as it’s great before summer to get in shape and I’ve also tried Quorn in the past and loved it! I try to limit my meat, and it when I do eat meat I like it to be free range 🙂 I also avoid bread and eat cereals in the morning. I have started loving avocado on toast however 😛

    Happy Valentine’s day! xXx


  2. Interesting post! I’ve never tried out a detox diet. I don’t usually have tea or coffee since I can’t take caffeine drinks. It’s sad, but my daily herbal tea is camomila tea.

    Jasmine xx


  3. So glad you reacted OK to these lovely, I was sent the slendertox tea and had such a terrible reaction. I was totally open to the idea of them but unfortunately they just don’t react well with me 😦



  4. This is really interesting. I would never think of trying something like this, as I just am not convinced that tea can really have that much of an effect, but if it helps someone stick to healthy eating then I can see the benefit. But I love your honest review & might try some one day!
    Sarah-Jane xo //


  5. I love tea…and detox is always a good idea! I’m not trying to slim down, so I’m not sure would I try it on count of that…However, just because something is slimming, it doesn’t have to be unhealthy…it all depends on a product.


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