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 If you’re a regular reader of my blog then you may recall my previous ‘His n Hers’ Fashion posts. I wanted to do something ‘out of the box’ (or so they say…) , and was getting fed up with the standard ‘outfit of the days’ that were churned out not only on my blog but everywhere I looked (I do love the style inspiration from others though!). Thanks to these posts Repertoire Fashion contacted me and asked whether I would be interested in a Valentines style challenge; not for myself but for my partner. I was immediately excited but also nervous as I know for one that I wouldn’t like to be dressed by him just kidding, but I eagerly accepted as Men’s Fashion is something I want to see a lot more of and also feature a little more on my blog, *but not too much to neglect us ladies of course*.

 I had a £150 budget to see whether I could create a ‘Valentines look’ for Pete, and then after gage his opinion on the outfit. The pieces were picked by me without his influence and were chosen to try and snap him out of his black suit and black shirt aficionado. Pete should (just like me) wear whatever he feels comfortable in, but just for the sake of this style challenge I was in complete control of what he wore. (YAY)


Similar shoes here

 Shoes are pretty important to me personally, and whilst this wasn’t all about me I like to start outfits from a pair of shoes. An awful pair of shoes can make or break an outfit. With the budget provided I just couldn’t afford to snap up a new pair of shoes, but that didn’t prove problematic as I already had in mind what I wanted him to wear. I absolutely adore brogues, I think they are so stylish and cute for men and women. We picked up a pair of brown suede brogues from Tesco’s sale a while back and Pete’s only managed to make use of them once so I thought that this would be the perfect opportunity to bring them out. 


I knew at once after starting the outfit from the bottom to the top that my next focus was trousers. Pete always likes to look smart in a suit, tucked in shirt and tie; it’s something that I am GLAD he takes pride in, but I really wanted to switch up the colours and fabrics. I opted for some burgundy trousers, surprisingly unintentionally a Valentines cliché colour but I wanted to pair something that would go with the brogues. The chinos in my opinion had to be rolled up ever so slightly, I am not a huge fan of TOO much sock showing but I think it adds more dimension to add different textures and colours. The socks are thick wool knit ones in a deeper shade of burgundy from Asos and not an exact colour match to the Penguin ones which is exactly what I wanted. The trousers were true to size and exuded quality, something I was very happy about as they will be a lasting addition to his wardrobe.


Penguin Burgundy Margate Slim Fit Chino Trousers £37.50 instead of £75.00*


In terms of a shirt I ummed and ahhed for ages. My initial decision was to go with a Ralph Lauren signature white shirt. I always find they fit like a glove and a brand that I love and can trust. However his size wasn’t available when it came to ordering and that I was actually grateful for. Whilst a white shirt isn’t revolutionary nor crazy that wasn’t the point of this challenge, and just like lipsticks just because something is a ‘red’ or an ‘orange’ it really doesn’t mean they are the same. This shirt has heaps of character and unique feature points and I  am glad that my initial decision to pair a tie with the shirt was challenged by Pete (tut tut, shouldn’t be interfering), as it would have taken away the from the shirt and casual approach to the outfit, not forgetting I wanted to move away from formal. Same can be said for challenging my decision to leave the shirt out, as soon as I saw it not tucked in it looked sloppy and unsightly…I guess a little help was appreciated!



The shirt itself is from the Armani Collezioni and is a classic long sleeved, stretch shirt. It features a concealed button placket and a signature logo tab at the side of the shirt. It has single button cuffs and is comprised of super stretch cotton, however this depiction makes me envision a super skin tight shirt…which it isn’t at all! It is fitting enough to look smart but certainly doesn’t stick to your skin.  



Armani Collezioni White Shirt £84.85 instead of £169.95*


Overall Pete was pleased which is always a bonus and really the main aim of the challenge. He is going to wear it for our trip to Brighton for his birthday and the fact that it is replacing his suit just for that one night makes me feel like I have successfully won the challenge! I am also glad that I have been exposed to Repertoire Fashion as despite our ever decreasing budget we still like to shop designer, and thanks to the website we can get clothes at a fraction of the full price. To pick up the chinos for £35 was a bargain considering the quality, and for a near half price Armani shirt I am very impressed. I will stopping by on the site when birthdays arrive and when I want to treat myself especially on the Ted Baker pieces ( I am obsessed!)


12 thoughts on “Valentines Style Challenge

  1. it would look better with the top button undone imo. Shirts a little loose but works fine – would be good in the summer too with sleeves rolled!


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