Orofluido Hair Mask for damaged hair



We all love our beauty products that forgive and repair our sins, but before you start reading this review I need to get something off my chest; my hair is a state. It needed to be said before you scroll down past the beautiful hair mask and see my ruined tresses. Forget the elephant in the room, you can think it, say it, scream it for all I care, I know it’s ruined. However I really only have myself to blame. Poor diet, excessive stress and changing my hair colour every few months from home could only be seen as the extreme contributors to the mess I have incurred. Luckily the Orifluido Hair Mask is targeted specifically at us who damage our hair with heat, dyes and products.

OROFLUIDO Beauty Mask for Your Hair 250ml £11.90*




90 percent of the hair masks and treatments I try come in the form of a pot that I need to then precede to scoop the contents out with my hand. Whilst this is completely normal, expected and you can see exactly what product is left I find them quite irritating. I tried to use this in the shower whilst struggling to direct the rushing water from the head away from the pot and half succeeded. It is best used after a shower and on towel dried hair (this works much better for clumsy people like me..I am sure you would have done it straight away anyway!).

I actually really like the aesthetics of the packaging though, I love the colour choices and elegant font. It doesn’t seem out of place on my bathroom shelf and makes me want to reach for it more than my standard, cheaper ones. Shallow huh?!



In terms of usage it is suggested that you leave for 3-5 minutes on damp hair, and to repeat this 2-3 times a week. I personally like to leave it on for up to half and hour with a towel turban on, but it still infuses into the hair perfectly well for a short period time and is less likely to leave greasy residue on your hair (that’s not nice once you’ve dried your hair and realise there’s product still left in it, yuck!)

The hair mask has Argan oil to improve elasticity, feed your hair with Vitamin E and sooth itchy scalps. The Cyperus oil from Egypt ensures that your hair is soft and shiny, combined with Linseed oil from the Mediterranean that seals in moisture and protects you from humidity, smoothes the hair follicle and also promotes glossiness.

The scent is described as an ‘amber fragrance with a vanilla foundation’ and I find it gorgeous. It’s one of those smells that lingers on your hair, and you are left twiddling with your ends and sniffing it through the day….(just me?!)




Check out those impressive split ends, and colour fade, are you impressed? Yeah I know I did warn you, it’s pretty bad! Want to see the after shot? Ok……..




Ok, so my hair may not look as glossy as Cheryl’s but hey it definitely is an improvement. It feels straighter, smoother and more manageable. After time I can only hope that it will truly repair the damage I have done to my hair, alongside some very reluctant ‘trims’ from over zealous hairdressers.

16 thoughts on “Orofluido Hair Mask for damaged hair

  1. Don’t worry, your hair doesn’t look as bad as you think lovely 🙂 The hair mask sounds amazing and i always love things that smell like vanilla! I used to bleach my hair but thankfully it’s not too damaged. I think the worst hair habit I have is not brushing it every day haha


  2. I bought a lot of hair repair treatments and masks as well, just waiting to be used. My hair was so damaged I had to stop tying my hair up and look wild for a good several months. Even now it’s still very fizzy but definitely better than before. I should really start using the masks, I’m just not good at wrapping my hair up and wait for 20 minutes lol xxx


  3. Well, it looks like it does a good job at patching up brittle hair. No offense. :S I did the same to my hair half a year back and I’m still suffering the consequences although it’s getting slightly more manageable now. The mask looks interesting, I’ll look into it for sure!


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