Petite styling with awkward pieces


Sometimes I will pick up items of clothing that will stay in my wardrobe for months before contemplating them, partly because they haven’t quite found the perfect accompaniment and partly because I am a compulsive shopper.

Other petite ladies will understand the woes of getting the lengths of clothes perfected; what looks gorgeous on the leggy model sometimes looks a little drab on our short frame. This duster jacket from F&F was a bargain find however seemed to be a difficult length to style. I liked the freedom and exposure from the shorter sleeves, but wanted something the same length or shorter to reside underneath. After months of umming and ahhing over getting rid of it I hit the jackpot with the Missguided sale picking up an outfit for under £10, and one that I could style with my duster coat!


 Khaki will leave you pondering a love hate relationship. Sometimes I think it looks far too bleak, masculine and bland, and other times I find the perfect piece and fall head over heels with it. My Mum was someone who would always wear black, khaki and neutrals without fail, yet always managed to keep timeless pieces and therefore I think it is something that I will continue for wardrobe staples.##2

 Florals will always be relevant, like it or not. A winter floral can look moody and autumnal, and a bright floral can follow you through Spring and Summer no matter what the current trend. This zip back crop fits perfectly and is so comfortable, definitely a transitional piece.##3


 As for the boots there may be a few eyebrows raised, or perhaps a few loving them. I never try and falsify my height, and I am not great at walking in heels, however thanks to the rubber sole and sturdy platform these feel basically weightless. You don’t feel like you are walking with extra inches yet get that extra lift. PURRRRRFECT.##5

##6 I like to lug my Urban Outfitters rucksack with me everywhere. A leather bag for £15 in the sale has to be cherished, and who wants an aching shoulder from an overfilled tote anyway!?

F&F Duster Jacket £25/Missguided Crop £5/ Missguided Skirt £4/Chockers Boots £20

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