Youthful make-up with Bonjour HK + GIVEAWAY

Bonjour HK have completely changed the way I think and feel about make-up. I have started to experiment with different looks and colours since our partnership, and one theme that keeps REOCCURRING is youth and brightening. Although I am still young (21 is relatively I suppose), I can see my skin changing and ageing already. Having combated my acne issues I am now trying to deal with dark circles under my eyes, OVER-PLUCKED brows and the beginnings of wrinkles *AHHHHHH*. Who would have thought that at 21 you would start showing visible signs of ageing….not me that’s for sure! Knowing the areas that I need to take care of and let’s just say enhance…I have used the products they kindly sent me to create a youthful make-up look. I tend to usually go for bronzers to bring some colour to my pale skin, but instead I have stuck with my natural colour to create a flawless base with some flush.



Aqua Aura Cooling Cushion #02Cooling Skin £8.79 60ml


Creating a desirable base is really important to me, and in fact it really dictates how your whole make-up look will transpire. I like to use origins spot remover on any pesky BLIGHTER’S, I know my skin may not look blemished but this has taken well over a month of complete diet, exercise and skin overhaul to get into this condition.

The Tonymoly cooling cushion is a revolutionary and unique make-up product. It combines the use of aqua mist which includes jeju water from the volcano (very pure!), with a deep cooling sensation (perfect for tired eyes) and a light CC cream that is dispensed for the bottle. It is pressurised in the can and drops your skin to -4 degrees! The cream aims to make your skin glow and give it moisture, whilst being packed with tonnes of sun protection, SPF 50+ to be precise, which is perfect for my light delicate skin.

So what does it look like on you may be wondering? I have simply applied a primer, tamed my brows and added the cooling cushion cream to my face and instantly it feels glowing, soft and perfect match to my skin. it’s really light on my face, so much so that you can barely feel that anything is on it.

#3 CC Cooling cream#2 I wouldn’t usually opt for anything that indicates moisture to use as a base on my skin as I suffer from a medium/oily complexion, however the formula seems perfect on my skin and doesn’t appear or feel greasy.


The key to youthful is adding a little flush to the cheeks. Now I know that bronzing is sometimes preferable, especially contouring the face (which i never do btw) but some blushes can really revert you back to a healthy, younger face.



Skin Food: Soft cream blusher Approx £5.96




The skin food soft cream blush contains nourishing rose hip oil and rose extract which delicately fragrances the product making it smell incredible. The cream blush is created to last on skin, but to give a silky glow. I for one would always avoid cream blushes in the past as I found them not compatible with my skin type. whether it’s my blemish routine or the base today but i have found the blush to work perfectly. you have to be careful not to use too much as it’s such a bright colour, but I like to dab a brush into the formula, dot it across my cheeks and blend. Finishing with a light, loose powder on the top.


When creating a reasonably soft make-up look I like to keep the lips to a MINIMUM which is why I feel there is room to have a little darker eye. I have steered clear from any EYE-SHADOWS or brightening formulas, and instead decided to use the EYE-LINER on my lower and top lids.


Beauty People@ Fast 10’s gel eye liner pencil *Diamond Black* £4.43

The liner is waterproof and easy to apply. It glides on like a dream and gives a deep, rich black shade perfect for cat eye flicks or smudged lower liner. It’s definitely an investment as I prefer it to my ‘sharpie’ style eye-liners.

Last but not least: LIPS


Tony moly: kiss lover lip master *12* (Devil Pink)  £5.59

I love the formula for this lip colour, I daren’t name it a gloss or a lipstick as it’s a tint, gloss and lipstick all in one! It’s nourishing, softening and creates a lovely ‘just darker’ than natural colour for your lips and last a good few hours.

The full make-up LOOK:


Giveaway info:

So, you may have noticed that the title mentions giveaway, well you didn’t misread it Bonjour hk are kind enough to send some products to one lucky reader of my blog. All you have to do is repost this image, follow Bonjour HK and tag us both. If you want to pop the image up now then feel free and I will enter you, or you can wait until my part two when you repost from my page. Please make sure you tag me @queenofcarbs or I will miss your entry.


14 thoughts on “Youthful make-up with Bonjour HK + GIVEAWAY

  1. Jessica you are so beautiful! Love you without all the eye and lip makeup but you look gorgeous with it as well 🙂 LOVE your hair this length and color. i know, I keep saying this but it really does look amazing on you 🙂



  2. Oh, I love the look you created, but you look gorgeous both with and without makeup. 🙂
    I’m also very intrigued by the CC Cooling Cushion, never seen anything like it!


  3. You are so beautiful! Its always good to preveng those signs of ageing but you honestly dont have any that are visible to me!xxx


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  5. Hi, I just have a question regarding the products that the winner is going to get: is it only the foundation with a cushion tool and the eyes patches? Because those are the only products featured in the picture. Just to clarify if you don’t mind. 🙂


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