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Mink & Stone allow you to create your perfect customised jewellery with all necklaces and bracelets handmade in the UK from only premium materials. I was lucky enough to be given the opportunity to create the above necklace and share my experience with you lovely lot. So you might be thinking, well how does it work then? Once you have hopped onto the website you need to click on ‘Start designing’ at the top of the web page where you will then need to select your style, ie: choker, opera, rope etc depending on your necklace/bracelet size and also how you want the piece to sit. I struggle to find necklaces and bracelets to fit as I am quite petite so I opted for ‘Choker small’ which is 38cm-41cm, predominantly designed for children but is the perfect size to fit me.

After you have chosen the style and size, you are then able to create a jewellery piece completely from scratch with a wide range of bead, crystal and stone options in varying prices and colours. If you are completely stumped then there are Collections to browse through such as ‘Boho chic‘ and ‘Metal‘ alongside the ‘Inspiration‘ section with beautiful designs you can purchase instantly if you found ‘the one’.



You can find the necklace I created here ‘Swarovski Crystal Skull Choker Small’ £39.06*, named ‘Skulls &Roses‘: Winter florals with a feminine bead.

I used 64 semi- precious translucent secondary beads at 20p each, as you can see from the photos when the light runs through the necklace each bead has it’s own character, and the colour varies slightly due to the natural materials. I used 4 pearl, red, crystal beads at 82p each, a lovely rich colour addition to the string. Alongside one black skull, crystal bead at £16.88 and two red polymer clay features for £1.55 each. The feature pieces are my favourite, and if it wasn’t so pricey (justifiably so) I would make a whole necklace or alternating skulls and roses.

I think if I were to make it again I would use white beads, and more skulls and roses despite the price increase. I am really happy with the outcome and the process was quick, easy and achievable. It’s a great idea for a gift with a personalise touch but also a nice addition to your jewellery box to add a piece you’ve created solely yourself.

30 thoughts on “Mink & Stone : Create your perfect jewellery

  1. This is a gorgeous piece of necklace and it’s awesome that you’ve basically designed this yourself. 🙂 Love the idea of designing your own jewellery and get it made for you! x


  2. This is really a novel concept, to go on the site and create customized jewelry for yourself.Also I loved the piece created by the author. i.e. Swarovski Crystal Skull Choker Small and want to purchase it as soon as possible.


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