Slippers for Shelter

Christmas is the time for giving right? Well amongst the lengthy wishlists, food indulgence and boxsets we really should take some time out to think of those that are a lot less fortunate than ourselves. There are people out there who aren’t bothered about not getting the right present, or getting too fat on food- they just want a safe, dry bed to sleep in. When I have the opportunity I will donate coats, food and essentials to my local homeless shelter and despite all the hard work they put in they physically can’t take care of everyone, meaning people will be sleeping rough on the cold, hard and mostly wet streets, not just at Christmas but all year round. For those who aren’t on the street are in overcrowded, temporary or dangerous accommodation and if you can’t sympathise with the adults then think of the children. The children who have no choice and no option, who didn’t choose to be brought up in this way.


When I found out about #Slippersforshelter campaign I had to share it with you guys as it is so easy to participate. We all love keeping cosy and warm right? So any opportunity to wear your slippers to work instead your everyday shoes is an opportunity welcomed, I would hope…. All Shelter are asking is that you donate  £2 after uploading your footsie with the hashtag #Slippersforshelter on Social Media. If you can’t wear slippers because of your job then festive socks are fun and more than okay too!



If you needed any more persuading then Late rooms are also donating £5 per booking to Shelter whilst offering the chance for the most inventive footsie to win A WHOPPING £1,000 hotel stay with them. The easiest way to donate is to text SLIPPERS2 to 70060 whilst making sure you share your footsie 🙂

15 thoughts on “Slippers for Shelter

  1. What an inspiring campaign! I really respect you for raising awareness for something this important! Unfortunately, my job doesn’t allow me neither wear slippers nor festive socks (all black everything), but I will certainly think of this campaign in the next couple of days!
    Maybe I’ll wear slippers to the company’s christmas party… hehe. 😛
    Miss Blue Eyes


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