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New Look Christmas Gift Generator & Top 5 Picks

If you read yesterday’s personalised gift post you might have caught onto the fact that I am not amazing at Christmas shopping unless I have a little bit of assistance…okay well maybe a lot sometimes! Gift generator’s are my favourite tools to use at Christmas especially for those tricky little recipients who claim they don’t want, need or long for anything, but in fact won’t be satisfied when you pop in front of them a DVD boxset they detest, I can’t imagine why?! I shop with New Look on mostly a weekly basis, perhaps shaped from my experience working with them a few years back. I adore their Fashion picks at prices that I can actually afford, but more recently have started nabbing Pete some presents throughout the year. With a teen selection, men’s options, beauty and gifts alongside the huge women’s range already you will be able to find something for the majority of your Christmas shopping list.

If this wasn’t help enough and you’re still stuck (like me), then they have created this amazing ‘Christmas Gift Generator’, where you can input the age and sex of who you are buying for. Once you have let the little generator know who you are buying for you then get to answer questions on what they would prefer between two options, ie does he prefer staying in or going out? You are then presented with two gift ideas to choose from, I selected Male 20-25, prefers staying in (gaming..!) and I received a scarf and tie option- definitely both things that Pete could do with.


Grey Tartan Scarf £6.50/Black Check Tie £6.99

After having a little play on the generator I felt inspired to create my own top 5 wishlist from New Look just in case anyone out there wants to be a kind love, or in fact get some ideas for themselves.


Bear Dressing Gown £14.99/ Black Faux Ponyskin Gloves £12.99/White Faux Fur Scarf £14.99/Kelly Brook Nail Polish Set £3.99/Tablet Case £5.00

Christmas is the time to ask for all those ‘wrap up warm’ goodies that you have decided to hold back on…maybe? I always pop dressing gowns, fluffy socks and scarves onto my Christmas list as I refuse to buy them myself unless there is a enticing discount, yeah I missed Black Friday…am I the only one?! The great thing about my picks is that they are purse friendly, I really wanted a cute tablet case but at £13 I didn’t want to pick it up (even though it’s amazing price already), but being reduced down to just £5 that is definitely a perfect present pick, or treat for yourself am I right?! All the gifts I have picked are £15 and under which is just perfect if you don’t want to push the boat out too much. They are thoughtful, cute cosy gifts and now I just want to add them all to my shopping basket NOW!

30 thoughts on “New Look Christmas Gift Generator & Top 5 Picks

  1. This is such a great idea, I’m terrible at thinking of gift ideas too.. I usually just go around the shops with a list of people to buy for and hope I spot something! 😉

    Maddie x


  2. I love the New Look Gift Generator, it’s so helpful and has given me so many ideas. Love how you created a little wish list from it too! 🙂 The dressing gown is too cute! x


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