Bonjour HK: Kao Lavender steam eye mask with FREE Masks code

Lack of sleep and Beauty products are probably my most moaned talked about things on Social Media. I notoriously stay up until stupid o clock and then sleep for 2-3 hours in the morning. I speak in the present tense, however I am actually currently sorting out my sleep routine AND looking into ways to refresh my face. Looking like a zombie might have been hot for Halloween but it certainly doesn’t run very well in everyday life!

Bonjour HK are a brand that I have been partnering with for a few months now and they are absolutely fantastic. They handpick products for me that are best suited to my Lifestyle and skin type, and despite them being lovely enough to send them out to me I have always, and will always give my honest opinion. Asian Beauty and Skincare has always intrigued me as it seems miles above what we have here in UK so I love getting a taste of refreshing and new brands.

Kao Steam Eye Mask Lavender* £3.41 for a pack of 5




I think this is one of the biggest bargains I have received, especially from overseas! The box contains 5 of the Lavender steam masks for just £3.41. I was a little bit apprehensive about trying out Lavender when it first arrived especially on my eyes, however since receiving my package I have been using a night spray on my sheets so have got used to the scent quite a lot. It’s really relaxing as you would associate with Lavender products anyway, but definitely isn’t irritable or sensitive on your eyes. I cut open the eye mask to see how the product works and it’s all contained within a little pouch so there’s no risk of it irritating your eyes.



When you open up the little pouch you are presented with something that kind of looks a little bit like a feminine product; but please don’t be put off by the looks! You need to pull the eye mask open and reveal the ‘ear hooks’ to put around your ears to keep the steam mask on. It gently heats itself whilst it’s on your eyes, it doesn’t get too hot and you certainly don’t feel uncomfortable, it’s a really relaxing heat like you would get holding a warm hot water bottle.

With tired eyes and bags you would automatically think that something cold like ice or cucumber would be best ( I did anyway), and whilst that is really awakening and soothing the steam mask surprisingly does the same but better. I would never think of using heat to wake up my eyes but it really works, the lavender helps to relax and the heat helps with sore eyes. For £3.41 for 5 I will definitely be stocking up on more, and if you don’t like Lavender there are plenty of other scents to try such as Rose/ Eucalyptus/ Chamomile/ Lavender/ Citron/ No scent, there is something for everyone!


If you wanted to try out some face masks then take advantage of this offer, you can pick up the steam mask for £3.41 and then get a whole set of masks FOR FREE!

Enjoy beauties x

35 thoughts on “Bonjour HK: Kao Lavender steam eye mask with FREE Masks code

  1. Face masks are my favourite facial product! These do look funny actually haha but lavender is one of the nicest and most relaxing smells, such a good price too 🙂 Hope youre okay today! xxx


  2. I’ve never tried an eye mask before, but this sounds amazing! I laughed at your comment on a “feminine product!” I really didn’t notice until you mentioned it! 😛 Nonetheless, I’m intrigued by it! 🙂 x


  3. I was actually looking at this when I was browsing their mask selection. Japanese are the pioneers in making heat packs (disposable hand warmers) and they even created instant self heated food pots, so I’m really intrigued in this, glad they’ve sent you some to try as I’d love to try it myself now! Sounds so spaaaaaa! Thanks for sharing hun 🙂 xxx


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