F&F #PartySOS look

Over the past two years I have come to LOVE F&F Fashion. Going from a Supermarket browse, to an online, scouring frenzy they are sure to make the cut when payday arrives. If you didn’t notice, last Monday F&F decided to host a #PartySOS chat to solve all your party dress & evening wear queries – whether it be dressing for your body shape, height or simply just the cold weather! I absolutely love getting involved with the chats, especially when I get to see what pretty, festive pieces I can nab.

When it comes to myself, I personally struggle with picking pieces that will suit my Petite height and frame; I am size 6 (but will pick up an 8 if a 6 isn’t available) and I’m 5 foot 4! Sizing issues aside I also now have bright red hair so have some Fashion clashing issues to tend to. When I picked my ideal #PartySOS pieces I decided to go for trends that I have been loving but also that I feel suit me. There is no point buying something that won’t flatter you or is going to leave you freezing cold!


My first pick was the F&F High Neck Jacquard dress* coming in at just £25; after leaving a review on the website I have come to realise that the dress has now been featured ‘In The Press’ and is selling like hot cakes! The main attraction to the dress was the lovely golden colours, jacquard print is perfect for the Christmas period and I really wanted something that would bring out the bright red in my hair. The high neck on the dress embodies one of my favourite trends of this year, but also means that you will still stay warm when wearing a coat. The dress is also a fantastic alternative to something tight if you are feeling self conscious, this doesn’t cling to the body at all but at the same time doesn’t look like a tent (yeah I’ve had dresses like that). For some reason on the website I have seen people say it’s scratchy- I have no idea why as it didn’t scratch me at all, maybe if you are sensitive? And also that it’s too short…..well I guess that depends on how tall you are, as I am 5 foot 4 and this dress fits me perfectly. It’s a classy length, just above my knee and appropriate for a multitude of occasions.


I decided to pair the dress with the F&F Faux Fur Clutch Bag* £12. I adore faux fur and now the weather is pretty much as cold as I can take it is like a welcome hug. Gold, sparkles and shimmers bounce off faux fur and are a match made in heaven, and not only this it feels incredible. For £12 the clutch is a lot larger than I expected which is a real benefit as I will be able to fit my make-up, phone and purse with ease…unlike others I own!


I finished the outfit off with some peep toe stilettos from Chi Chi London, as a Christmas party outfit wouldn’t be made without some heels!

For £37 I am pretty impressed with my #PartySOS outfit, I have managed to find something that encompasses my red hair without clashing, and also a dress that fits my Petite frame. I have managed to nab some of the trends I love for 2014 and now am pretty darn excited for Xmas!!!

57 thoughts on “F&F #PartySOS look

  1. Such a beautiful outfit, it really compliments your hair! Can’t believe the fur clutch is so cheap, amazing outfit for a reasonable price!I really need to check out supermarkets more 🙂 xxx


  2. Your dress is gorgeous! I would have never though it was from Tesco. I recently bought 2 pairs of loafers from there and they are AMAZING! I’m definitely going to continue shopping at F&F. 🙂

    Love From Twinkle


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