Bonjour HK Asian Make-Up : Part Two



I hope you enjoyed my Part One ‘Eye Brightening Make-Up Looks’, as Part Two is all about getting a healthy glow. If you put the two posts and products together you should have a reviving make-up look for tired skin!

I have always found liquid and cream blushes hard to use, and tend to always avoid using Lip and Cheek tint because of my skin type, however Bonjour HK surprised me when I tried out the products I received, and came to think that I was potentially just using the wrong product and colour in the past.

What I am using:

Color Lips Fit #OR201 Dream Fit Coral £5.54


3 Concept Eyes: Lip & Cheek #Pink £7.24



Color Lips-Fit

The shade of lips fit I received was a gorgeous coral tone, and despite my hair now being bright red it really works with my skin tone. I think the intended use for it is as a lip base coat, or to be worn alone without glitter or gloss. However I found it to be a fantastic lip and cheek stain. It’s a gorgeous long lasting colour, and I much prefer it to products like Benetint that I cannot get along with at all.



The doe foot applicator makes it really easy to apply, and as you can see the colour is a nice light coral; it would work perfectly with most skin tones. It also has a nice glossy finish to it without being sticky AT ALL, which is great as my lips get super dry in the Winter. When trying to achieve brightening make up oranges, corals and pinks are great picks! I know the temptation to pick up a red or deep shade to detract for blemishes and tiredness, and despite it being this seasons hottest trend (I love it too), sometimes coral shades are just right.



As far as using it as a cheek stain is concerned, I like to add a little war paint… I find it easiest to follow my cheekbone and the area I want to be brightened and draw a little line, it means you won’t use too much product and you get it just in the right place. All you need to do then is simply blend with your fingers or a soft brush, I think the overall effect after blending is a nice, light warmth to the face and isn’t too heavy. Unlike cream blushes this doesn’t feel like it’s wet/clinging to your face, you can’t feel it at all.

3CE 2 in 1

The pink two in one cheek and lip colour is a powerful, barbie pink. It’s a creamy solution that is best applied with a brush for lips and cheeks once your final base is polished ie if you are going to wear powder make sure it’s popped on before you apply this. On lips it’s a powerful yet pretty look that will brighten any tired, Winter face up. However I must note my lips get incredibly dry and unlike the Lip Fit this clung to the dry patches on my skin…I think I need a lip exfoliator!


As you can see the longevity and application could have been enhanced if I had exfoliated my lips beforehand, however I really love the colour and think it’s another pale skin find.


I did the exact same method as I did with the Lip Fit to apply the ‘cream’, however it definitely took a lot more blending to create a more natural colour. What I was pleasantly surprised with was that despite it feeling very thick and creamy from the pot once it was on my skin it almost seem to mattify without being drying, so any shininess or wetness was no longer present. I think that the shade is a little daring for me and I could wear a lot less to achieve a warmer skin tone, however now I am getting the hang of the consistency and application I can see it being used more.

I think from trialling the two products I have definitely found Hoola alternatives and replacements so that I don’t stick with powder matte bronzer everyday. Blushes are a great way to bring your face from dullness to brightness alongside the tips I mentioned in Part One. Bonjour HK have so many hidden gems and fab prices that they are definitely worth a look, I am constantly on the website browsing what products they have that I have never seen before…

If you wanted to trial some products then Bonjour HK offer 10 percent off with this code: Promotion Code : BJTHANKS1

18 thoughts on “Bonjour HK Asian Make-Up : Part Two

  1. I own two of the Colour Lips Fit shades as well and I’d be far too scared to draw a line on my face just like that and blend it in! They’re so pigmented! I’d be afraid to leave a line or to apply too much product. It does work really well for you, though, so I might need to give it a try when I’m feeling a little more adventurous!
    Miss Blue Eyes


  2. Etude House and 3CE are more known Korean brands, glad you are featuring them! The coral looks lovely on you! I love the way you do the cheek, one stroke lol. I dont know why I always spread it out! xxx


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