So…? London: My Style



If you haven’t heard of so…? with attitude before I don’t know where you’ve been hiding as they are your handbag and scent essential. I have my select few perfumes that I will use on a daily basis, but when I am travelling, going to the gym or anywhere that doesn’t involve a suitcase/oversized bag then I don’t want to take my perfume. The fragrances come in at £1.99 each full price, but are only 98p at Superdrug at the moment, so you really can’t complain! The scents definitely don’t smell cheap, and are a lot more refined than experiences I have had with other body sprays. So…? London is my favourite spray as it has a feminine, floral scent which makes a change from musky or fruity scents I usually opt for.



So…? fragrances are big on creating scents for YOUR style and personality, which is exactly what I did with So..? London. The spray seems to have a bunch of attitude already (you only have to see the packaging) which is what I think of when I am pondering London style, alongside originality.


So…? promotes being fun and free females which is why I found myself having a laugh with the fragrance. As soon as you smell it you just feel happy, and don’t want to take yourself too seriously- life isn’t fun without a laugh!


I think we all need to take a step back from body spray stereotypes and actually give the so..? fragrances a chance, because as soon as you smell them you will be converted like me! They may not be a replacement for perfumes, but they definitely are the answer for travelling, gym trips and as a handbag essential especially at 98p at the moment!

30 thoughts on “So…? London: My Style

  1. I like body sprays, I like taking them with me if I can’t carry a perfume (or don’t WANT to take a perfume because they tend to be heavier and made of glass so I don’t want to risk breaking it!) you look great in your outfit, I love that hat! 🙂



  2. They would definitely be great for spraying on after the gym! After all, you won’t be taking your perfume bottles with you when you go for a run. I think the So..? fragrances are definitely nice and I will be trying them out as soon as they’re in store locally. x
    Miss Blue Eyes


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