Cloud Nine Magical Duo Review



Hair is one of the biggest contributors to an increase of confidence, yet can also be the single reason for a complete image crisis. I am thinking of long haircuts that have been cut TOO short, trims that have turned into restyles and hair that just really doesn’t suit your face. Even your existing haircut can affect your face shape, your look and your confidence, just by a matter of styling. This is why since having my hair cut into a bob I like to ‘mould’ my hair a lot more than when I had my extensions and like to try out a lot more products. This week I have been trialling Cloud Nine Magical Duet*; The quick dry potion and the split end remedy 50ml.


50ml Magical Quick Dry Potion (Full size 200ml £17.95)

My first impressions were in relation to the smell- the quick dry potion smells AMAZING! Smell is one of the most important factors for me, I always like my hair to smell good and won’t put anything that smells ‘funky’ on it as I have to smell it all day! Next, I absolutely love the packaging, the font is enticing and the necessity to ‘shake’ the bottle before use to merge the pretty separate colours was a fun addition to the product.

The product claims to reduce drying time by half, whilst also settling frizz, protecting from UV, strengthening hair and can also be used as a setting lotion with ‘The O’. I don’t use too many products on my hair at once so just settled for using the duet products in conjunction with one another to see how they worked. In terms of drying time:


The drying time took approximately 5 minutes after applying the quick dry spray to towel dried hair, which I personally find really impressive and fast. With a gorgeous smell and a quick drying time I would say that this product does exactly what it claims to do, and can’t tell you exactly but can guess that it really did half the drying time.

However in terms of protecting my hair and combating frizz I am afraid to say that it actually seemed worse than usual. I have bleached hair and have only recently used a toner on it so I prefer to use coconut oil spray on my hair for an extra shine, whilst using Aussie leave in conditioner on towel dried hair which proves to leave my hair glossy. I think this spray definitely needs to be used with something nourishing or your hair will be left quite dry.

Overall 8/10: It does what it claims, but leaves my hair frizzy and dry.


50 ml Magical Remedy (From gift set)

Once again this product is a winner in terms of smell, and doesn’t even compete with other creams I have used on my hair before. However I applied a pea sized amount onto the ends of my hair and it seemed to soak it up immediately. I am not sure if the quick dry spray left my hair so dry that it needed a lot of moisture or whether I didn’t use enough. I tried the cream on towel dried hair and dry hair and neither seemed to smooth out my split ends or dryness, in fact I was left with greasy roots and a dry bulk of my hair. I am disappointed in myself for potentially applying the product completely wrong, and don’t blame the brand for my results as my hair is over processed and bleached and believe that if you have ‘natural’ or darker hair than me then the cream will be perfect for your hair type. Unfortunately for me because my hair is in drastic need I have to use stronger products, and coconut oil to get my hair looking human!

Overall: 6/10 My hair is too over-processed to reap the benefits, but it smells amazing

26 thoughts on “Cloud Nine Magical Duo Review

  1. Hair can be such a tricky thing… I remember the first time I went to get it cut they cut it TOO short and I was sooo angry and sad. I just remember wanting to buy a wig lol! Sigh, at least hair grows back so it’s something you can definitely experiment with 😀


  2. Wow i need the dry potion my hair literally takes hours, i go to bed and wake up with wet hair still haha glad its worked for you seriously checking this out now 🙂 xxx


  3. Owww if a product that helps drying your hair actually dries up your hair I rather wait for a bit longer lol. My hair lacks nutrients and is dry and frizzy as ell, even though it’s darker and coarser so I dont think it’ll suit me either. Maybe more for those who have thick, greasy hair? xxx


  4. Lovely review hun. This is definitely not a product for my hair as my ends are bleached and my hair is dry as is. Going to look for the aussie leave in conditioner though as it sounds like something I’d like to try. Thanks beaut x


  5. Amazing post, so helpful as I’m always trying new things to try and deal with my hair…I avoid the hairdressers for as long as I can as they never do what I want!!! I love having long hair but it’s such a pain to deal with and honestly I can wash it in the evening and it won’t be dry by the next day!!! So would love to give these a go! xxx


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