The country candle: Green Tea & Grapefruit

Forget other brands of candles as today I am sharing with you my new favourite from The Country Candle. I was never a huge follower of Yankee candle, and I think it’s probably because I couldn’t/ and still can’t justify the prices to jump on the bandwagon. I am however a complete lover of candles in general; I find that they really help with my anxiety and insomnia. I am still up at 4am and you will find me tweeting or on most forms of social media, but since having this candle my life has been that much more relaxing. I like to lay in bed, with either a nice film on or my phone, all the lights off and the candle just flickering away in the dark, illuminating my dreamcatcher on the wall.




As you may have noticed, lately I have been converting my whole skincare range to natural and organic, and would love to do the same with everything I own. I am a huge supporter of independent businesses, particularly those that sell unique and gorgeous products. Country Candle pour and hand blend the candles in their countryside factory in Wiltshire, and fragrances sourced from an English perfumer. The packaging is spot on, and emanates a quaint, chic feel, whilst remaining true to the brand.


The scent of the candle wasn’t overpowering at all, which I have found off putting from other brands. As much as I want to differentiate between scents I like a light linger and this manages to do this perfectly. The candle is from the Polka Dot Collection  which ranges from Fig and Cedar to Zanzibar, I also have my eye on the pretty diffusers as I have never tried one before. My candle stands at £8.50 here and think it’s worth every penny. It has been really long lasting so far, and I love the tin design as not only is it pretty and part of a cute range but it’s really safe and handy. I don’t have candle holders so wouldn’t have a safe way of using it without the packaging, and know that by popping the lid straight on the flame will dye out safely.

 Would I repurchase again? 100 percent! I have my eye on so many different products to try and sample now, I can see this becoming an unhealthy addiction!

26 thoughts on “The country candle: Green Tea & Grapefruit

  1. Seems like a very nice candle and it has a very reasonable price. I’ve never heard of the brand before but I think it’s worth checking. I always find plenty of nice things in your blog Jess. Xx


  2. This candle looks so nice, i hate ones with overpowering smells too! I love lighting candles in general but have never purchased a yankee either haha! I just like the look of them when they are lit, not the smell! xxx


  3. I have never been a Yankee Candle lover either because of the prices but I do like to buy inexpe!nsive candles from Target every now and then… They really do create such a relaxing atmosphere! I love how cute this one is 🙂



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