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Yoga with Reebok & RockOnRuby

Hello guys,

SO recently I have been trying to kick-start my fitness & healthy eating. I know what you’re thinking, but colder weather is coming, how will I fight the pastry, pie and duvet day urge?! I completely agree with you, however I thought that the best way to kickstart my fitness and flexibility whilst I am still a little self conscious & not amazingly motivated is to start from home. I have done exercise videos before, but I am not great at sticking to them. When I lived in Brighton I used to have a Pilates regime, so thought that Yoga would be a great step to start with.



Rock On Ruby personalised crop Β£19

To help me get started I decided that a new fitness outfit & Yoga equipment would be in order. There’s nothing like shopping to make you feel motivated, and whilst you can exercise at home without spending a single penny I need that extra push. I have been obsessed with RockonRuby since my first order. Seeing a lot of Bloggers wearing their tops on Instagram enticed me, and I have been hooked ever since.

I also checked out a lot of Sports Retailers, but Reebok was one that caught my eye since spying their ‘Reebok Fitness‘ site. I am now using the Reebok Premium Yoga Mat for fitness and hoping that I can keep up my motivation as the days get darker. It is a lot thicker than the standard mats I have tried and gives you a lot of cushioning and support. The design is great too as it’s available in a gorgeous pink (which I also want), and pulls out SO long compared to the cheap one I used to own. It rolls up into a neat little carry handle which makes it great for taking to classes too if you do them outside of your house. I definitely wouldn’t recommend trying Yoga without a mat, and investing in a premium one really is worth the money.


Reebok Premium Yoga Mat Β£26.99 (Cheapest I found at




I use online videos on Youtube, but I also went into CEX to pick up some secondhand DVDS, most of them were 99p! I can’t afford a gym membership at the moment, and I know I invested in new attire for Yoga but it’s something I can use for all different sports in the future, especially when I start running when I get my confidence back.

yoga 3



How do you keep fit & healthy as the days turn colder??

You can follow Reebok Fitness here:



& RockOnRuby here:



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34 thoughts on “Yoga with Reebok & RockOnRuby

  1. I’ve turned to yoga now that the weathers horrible and I love it! πŸ™‚

    try they have great yoga & indoor fitness video and their super fun so you don’t get bored or find it hard to stick to πŸ™‚ xx


  2. You look so darn pretty, I love how your hair looks in these pics, so flowy and gorgeous! Anyways, good for you for starting up an exercise routine! I need to do the same, I have a pilates DVD that I enjoy doing… well, slightly enjoy… I get tired after 15 minutes so I never actually finish the whole thing lol! There are lots of great youtube videos online… I should really look some up and start exercising again!



  3. I like doing a bit of yoga! I usually do yoga three or four times a week. And I like really physical yoga. I’m not very good at the spiritual side of yoga.

    P.S.: How cute do you look?? πŸ™‚


  4. I LOVE the personalised crop! So cute πŸ™‚ And I miss my regular Pilates sessions so much since coming to aus, can’t wait to start back up when I get home. Sounds stupid but that hour of quiet stretching makes you feel so virtuous haha x


      • An extended holiday I guess haha, got a year working hol visa and been over here since April with the boyfriend πŸ™‚ Practice definitely makes perfect with the flexibility, my little sister managed to learn to do the splits in a month! Wish I had her discipline haha! x


      • Oh WOW that’s absolutely amazing, I would love to do that! I take it entry wasn’t too difficult? (Sorry to babble on via comments) I always watch things like borderforce so I am a little bit obsessed, I sound crazy now. & omg that’s insane, I have always wanted to be able to do the splits!! Pratice practice practice xxx


      • No entry was fine, our visa applications got approved the same day, I got a bit travel sick on the second flight coming here but the staff at Sydney airport were so nice and pushed me to the front of all the customs queues! Would definitely recommend doing it, I’m homesick at the minute but I think it’s because my birthdays soon and I’ve never been away from family/friends this long! My aim is to be able to do those awesome headstands I always see people doing on insta/Pinterest haha, need to build that core strength! xx


      • That is so good!!! I always thought it would take MONTHS to be approved so I am impressed, and I can imagine 😦 , it’s such a long time in anyone’s life but I hope you have a lovely birthday- I had a look at your wishlist and it’s full of such pretty things. I am GUTTED that the Star Wars sleep collection is AUS ‘cos it’s amazing! && ah yes, I always stalk picture sites & dream of what I should be doing haha xxx


  5. Such a great idea! I have wanted to start yoga for so long but don’t want to go out to a class so think i will start some videos at home too πŸ™‚ Seriously love those leggings and you have an amazing figure!!! xxx


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