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Hello lovelies,

Today I am excited to share with you Lauren’s Way Wash Off Glow £11.95 in Medium. It’s a product that I had HEARD and SEEN a tonne of good things about, but me being me I still had my doubts. When a product is overly hyped I either believe that it’s because it’s been over marketed (distributed for review A LOT) or because people don’t want to write a bad review. Well let me tell you this product is the BEST fake tan I have ever used…even better than St Tropez might I add. I never buy into products because of a ‘name’ or person advertising them, and I don’t even watch ‘TOWIE’, I just wanted an effective fake tan to get my glow on.

When the fake tan is pumped out onto the mitt it looks like a deep coffee brown with lots of sparkles and glitter. As I am so pale I wasn’t really sure what colour the tan would come out on my skin, but it was perfect! You can see exactly where you are applying so you don’t miss a spot, and it dries within literaly 60 seconds so you can get dressed without worrying about smudges and staining.

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After applying over my legs you can see that the colour is completely streak free and really natural. Instead of being orange and fake it looks like I have been sunbathing. The tan also smells amazing, it has a hint of fruitiness and doesn’t smell like the tell tale sign of fake tan or biscuits so everyone around you doesn’t need to know you are wearing, and you don’t have to be encompassed by an awful smell!

I exfoliated before and after useage and the tan applied evenly and left my skin just as evenly without a trace or patch of it. Previous tans I have used have left me with brown patches all over my skin, but now I am more conscious about exfoliating so that I am applying to a clear, soft surface.

8 thoughts on “Laurens Way Instant Tan

  1. Looks like a great product! I never fake-tanned before and I don’t really intend to do it because I’m a little afraid of looking all patchy but I might take the plunge next summer!
    Elina |


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