Bassbuds: White, Classic Collection

Bassbuds are definitely a company to watch if you aren’t already! Endorsed by celebrities such as Dizzee Rascal, Alesha Dixon and Wretch 32, a company featured on gorgeous Bloggers sites aplenty they are definitely more than just headphones. The company was launched in 2012 by Steven Beckford and since then has had a whirlwind of a time with credible endorsements and features. The brand focuses on it’s 20 different colour combinations alongside the quality and technology of the headphones that feature beautiful Swarovski crystals making them unique to the market.

BUT enough with all the endorsements from celebs and other bloggers, I want to talk about why I LOVE them!

I have always struggled with finding a nice pair of earphones, as headphones aren’t my thing being too large and obstructive, and as I am quite Fashion conscious I like something that goes with my outfit. All of that being said I still want a quality earphone that blocks out exterior sound and resonates the music clearly. Bassbuds encompass everything that I want in an earphone; they are sleek, fashionable, available in lots of colours and have amazing performance. I am used to using Iphone earphones, so these beauties certainly make a big difference. They help me concentrate and zone out, and I also love styling them with my outfits.

bass photo

BassBuds Classics: White £39.95

post one

Post three

Post two

The earphones have a silver cord running down them which is not only sleek and pretty, it also feels very durable. The headphones are so small and discreet and are ideal no matter what you are wearing, I just took them down the beach as that is where I have been going everyday at the moment. I really like the function of being able to use the microphone and answer Blackberry/Iphone calls, so I don’t have to keep lifting my phone up if it’s safe in my bag when I am out, which is great as I am a serial ‘UGH where’s my phone’ loser!

You get a warranty and an authenticity certificate for the crystals, but even better the extra accessories included. You can also pay just £5 more to get it engraved which I definitely will in another colour!

Bassbuds 3

Have you tried BASSBUDS? What colour would you go for?

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