Orange is the New Black OOTD

So, I started 2014 being a neon-phobe, an orange-phobe and a general bright colour-phobe. In fact I look back not so fondly at monochrome outfits, and any smidgen of colour being cloaked with darkness, I think the blonde hair has something to do with my change of heart- I am so much happier in myself!

Now I have had a bit of a Missguided detox, in fact I have been shopping with independent stores and Boohoo lately, but I just couldn’t help returning to my former lover. One email from Missguided, or one tweet/facebook post with a gorgeous outfit post and I am hooked. I really am who advertising is aimed at.

I decided to buy a neon two piece set here, £27 for the whole set and thought I could mix and match. I picked up the floral neon bralet for £10 here and decided that my high waisted jeans could come out to play again.


(Ignoring my freaky foot position…)

Orange really is my new black, and I don’t think the Neon obsession is going to end here thanks to Missguided x

10 thoughts on “Orange is the New Black OOTD

  1. I absolutely love what you did in the second outfit, you look gorgeous! I also read in a magazine somewhere that orange is the new black and I totally agree with you x


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