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Tropico OOTD

Hello lovelies,

No this isn’t a Lana Del Ray reminiscent outfit although I can’t help but let it slip in a little bit. She is a tiny bit of an obsession, and when I listen to her whilst blogging, or even travelling it gets entwined in my brain and all sorts of inspiration seems to sprout from her.

I am however basing my outfit on the ever returning ‘Tropical trend that is as mandatory as Florals for Spring, what an original set of prints considering the seasons huh?! Haha, well despite the plain obviousness it is nice to sometimes dress according to the season, and I can’t help but think that Tropical is a little gimmicky and something that creates a really fun outfit…that or I am just thinking of ‘Club Tropicana’ and singing along to myself…in my head of course…

I have seen a few pieces in tropical/palm prints and I have loved them, but seeing as I have already announced that it’s a gimmick and flying fashion trend I didn’t want to spend too much money. Seeing as I spend a lot of time on Missguided it was inevitable that I was going to hit the sale items, and lucky for me I spotted a gorgeous midi which mirrors pieces that are still in their current collection, SCORE.

photo (7)

photo (5)

photo (6)

I picked this skirt up in the sale for a mere £7 only a week and a half ago, but alas it has already been sold out completely. Being one not keen to disappoint I stalked out what else was on offer and thought that you might like to have a look at the Monochrome Culottes in Palm Print  & the Palm Print Midi dress if you liked this skirt. The colours appearing in the current section seem a lot fresher and crisp. There is inclusion of monohrome, cuts and styles such as culottes and some gorgeous peaches so it’s definitely worth nabbing for a quick wardrobe and mood refresh!

I think with a skirt like this it is great paired with a crop top for true summer vibes. I like to throw on a plaited gold necklace as it adds an edge and another dimension to stop the outfit from looking too casual if you aren’t literally hitting the beach, which I wish I was! It would also work great with chunky sandals, I am just in the process of moving house and only have my favourite shoes left out- woopsy!

What do you think of the tropical, palm tree prints?

13 thoughts on “Tropico OOTD

  1. Loving tropical print too! You got this for such a great price, primark do a similar one like this but in orange that i have my eye on! Cant wait to see your new hair in outfit pics eek its gorgeous 🙂 xx


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