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Philip Kingsley is a name that I am guessing you will be overly familiar with, and in the case that you’re not you NEED to keep reading. A product that is good enough for Audrey Hepburn and has won over 15 Beauty awards is a product you really SHOULD be using. My pleas and strong feelings towards this product have been spurred from my amazing experience, and how my hair is transformed from straw to soft silky tresses after using the treatment. When I saw that a Limited Edition box set for the Elasticiser was being released I simply couldn’t resist, and how beautiful is the box?!

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Nothing makes you feel more special than impeccable packaging, thoughtfulness and something that’s aesthetically pleasing. This is a box that I would be overwhelmed to receive from the initial viewing of the outside. I loved having to individually unwrap each item and have the burst of colour hit me.

The Limited Edition Elasticiser 40 Year Anniversary Kit is £38 direct from the website here; you can find it cheaper with some web browsing but I like to purchase direct from the source when it’s something as special as this, it’s also great to get the lowdown on important product information.

Inside there is a 250ml pink tube of Elasticiser and a towelling wrap worth £46 if bought individually. Now you may know from previous posts that I am a complete hair wrap addict and this is really a winner for me. The quality of the hair wrap is so thick and long lasting, it also really helps to accelerate the treatments effectiveness. The treatment itself works miracles in my eyes. You should use on warm damp hair before shampooing and conditioning, but to me it’s a deep conditioning treatment that I don’t even receive at the hairdressers. It is best left on for 20 minutes plus with the wrap encasing the hair and treatment, and recommended that it’s used 1-2 times a week to really see results. It’s fab if you have really dry, damaged hair and it really tops any other product I have tried over the years. I couldn’t recommend this highly enough!

Have you tried the elasticiser treatment before?


  1. I didn’t even know what an Elasticiser did before this haha! The packaging is sooo gorgeous,cant have enough of towelling wraps too haha, would consider a trying a treatment like this if its worth the money 🙂 xx


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