Hair shielding accessories at the ready and Dr Pepper to hand, I headed out for another South coast journey today. I am currently in a flat hunting frenzy with just over a week to find a property and nowhere being suitable *SQUEAL*. I am perhaps known for my love and obsession with heels as a Petite blogger. Instead of embracing my height I am constantly on the look out for something to elongate myself and compliment my outfits. However when I have a 12 hour day it is essential that flat shoes are worn, and when Clarks have such beautiful flats at the moment I couldn’t resist.

I had seen a lot of features from Clarks in my Fashion magazines, and they have really upped their game in the style stakes. They have a gorgeous selection of brogues which I think I will be nipping back for, but the slipper flats really caught my eye. After much debate I decided on the ‘Alicia Ava’ in Green Floral(£34.99) from the ‘As Seen In’ section, which will be a real winner with all the ‘#fbloggers’ out there!



I was in Worthing today & found a little park to gather my thoughts…..or get photos taken…you know the usual stuff! The flats were perfect for the unpredictable bogginess after last nights downpour and I can’t thank them enough for being a lot more practical than my ever loved and over worn heels.

Here’s a better look at the beauties:





Clarks shoes fit me perfectly, which may sound like a pretty standard requirement but most shops provide me with either crazily narrow footwear, or shoes so wide they are gaping after one hour. Primark actually sold me two different shoe sizes tagged together the other day…I mean WTF!




I am so over the moon with my new flats and think they work so well with my outfit. I am a complete convert, and perhaps won’t overdress ALLLLL the time from now onwards.

In case you were wondering:


BOWLER HAT: Daisy Street £9.99

TOP: New Look £9.99

JEANS: New Look   £19.99


Have you seen Clarks new selection? Will you be making any purchases?

12 thoughts on “SEASIDE SULKING

  1. Good luck with the flat search hope you find somewhere soon, its so stressful!! Absolutely lovely your top and dolly shoes, love the patterns/colours! xx


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