It’s what’s on the inside: Teapigs Matcha Tea

Matcha Green Tea had been recommended to me after my dislike for drinking herbal cups of green tea & my longing for skin recovery. After perusing the site & spotting near 94 amazing reviews I decided this was grounds enough to make a purchase.

For £32.50 I finally decided on the Modern Matcha Kit which includes 30g of matcha green tea (a months serving), electric hand whisk (battery operated), a shot glass & a very cute badge. Separately a 30g pot is £25, the shot glass £2 and the whisk £10. The pack is a real investment & sets you up for future useage! I find it not to be too pricey as this is a pre detox for me as I cannot afford to juice.



I can’t explain how quick the whole process of creating the morning shot is. I simply use the plastic spoon included which should equate to 1g of matcha tea, fill to the letter ‘p’ with apple juice (you can use water, juices or make a smoothie), pop in the electric whisk & zap for 20 seconds & voila!

Upon opening the tin a fine mist of matcha fills the air as the pressure is released & I personally think it smells gorgeous. Once the tin is opened store in the fridge and use within the month (but that’s just the advice provided)




If all the powder hasn’t been mixed & absorbed then add some water or a little juice to make sure you get all of your shot. If it has been whisked properly there should be no problems!

How does it taste?

I personally love it with apple juice, but definitely couldn’t just drink it with water. I love the green look of the blended shot, it makes me feel healthier and will be moving onto smoothies when I can afford it. The smell isn’t offensive and in fact simply mimics a breakfast tea bag (it doesn’t smell like a specific herbal tea).

Proven benefits?

Initially I was interested by its claims of energising, calming and metabolism boosting. All of this is fantastic, especially when you witness the effects but there’s much more than meets the eye. Matcha contains 137 times the antioxidants of standard green tea, 70 times that in orange juice and 9 times the beta carotene of spinach. It also contains an amino acid called L-theanine this releases the caffeine slowly to energy boost for 4-6 hours. It also reduces stress and keeps you calm, something I really need!

How is it different from regular green tea?

With matcha tea you don’t throw away the leaves (the goodness), instead of drinking enriched water you ingest the whole leaf in liquid form (or powder if you like). One shot of matcha is equivalent to 15 cups of green tea!!!

The effects on me

I only sleep a couple of hours a night and even after one shot I feel rejuvenated – whether it’s mind over matter I don’t know. Sometimes an additional evening shot will prove calming if you can’t relax ( it works for me), and also seems to kick start my metabolism as I have been less bloated lately. Combined with a skincare routine (nothing else for me at the moment), my skins colour, breakouts and feel is dramatically improved.

What do you think? Would you/have you tried this?

18 thoughts on “It’s what’s on the inside: Teapigs Matcha Tea

  1. I bought a tin of matcha a while ago but the problem was that I combined it with a new regime which generally involved drinking more water and eating better so it’s hard to tell what was working!


  2. This kit looks great! I’m keen to get my hands on one now, but £32 is a lot for a month’s worth of tea! Perhaps I’ll just see how it goes… I have just bought a load of bog standard green tea bags and am going to attempt to drink 3 cups a day but I doubt it will have the same effect as this stuff does. It does sound worth it though for all those benefits… Such a coincidence that this post is the first one I read after blogging about my skin saviours and my new skin care routine with la roche-posay!
    N xo


    • I still haven’t tried la Roche posay but it sounds so good! Like pricey but worth what you pay, but I definitely agree this is a lot for a months worth tbh and I don’t know if I can afford to re buy 😦 xxxx


  3. Wow incredible review, You have totally sold this to me! I love the fact it contains 15 cups of green tea as I drink green tea often and looking for a healthy/energising alternative for daily consumption as I have looked at the juices and they are so expensive for detoxing so this sounds perfect and a excellent price for everything your getting such as energy, vitamins, relaxation and its mega healthy! Thanks for the brilliant review I will be buying this at the end of the week 🙂 xxx


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