New Look: New In

Hello you lovely lot,

I hope everyone has been having a lovely start to the New year and found some fabulous bargains! As much as I have raved about the sale lately, and I must admit I really have found some gems (more to come, watch this space!), I am looking into the future. In Fashion website terms : The NEW IN section!

Before you perhaps jump to any conclusions or assumptions this is not a sponsored post, I really do just spend a lot of my day and evenings scouring fashion websites.. (sh!). New Look have always been a firm favourite of mine, but even moreso when I am browsing through the pastel monochrome trend. The feminine coats are pretty much half the price of Topshop, and I am also partial to New Look’s patterns, and daily styling tips. I have compiled some of my favourite pieces for you to feast your eyes upon and perhaps tantalise your tastebuds so that you can spend your money like myself. I must add they won’t spoilt your diet as they are guilt-free picks at great prices, which is the main reason for my huge lust.


*Light Blue High Waisted Mottled Denim Jeans

*Stone Patent Two Part Pointed Court Shoes

* Mint Green 1/2 Sleeve T-Shirt

*Black Fab Sequin Beanie

*Black Contrast Tartan Panel Backpack

*Gold Multi Layered Drape Chain Necklace

If I had the immediate funds every single piece would be added to my wardrobe NOW for interchangeable weekday outfits. The pieces I picked out here for my weekday pastels are a fraction of the price I found for very similar alternatives elsewhere. I am loving sequin slogans at the moment after seeing them plastered on transparent clutch bags, jumpers and beanies! I know that the glitz and glam trend of the festive season has passed, but there’s nothing wrong with brightening up Winter knits, it always makes me feel a little bit more sparkly on the inside! Skinny jeans are a girls wardrobe staple, and for 24.99 they are perfect. They fit nice and snug, and are so comfy, I can see myself buying lots of different colour variations of these. Leather look back packs are still very much on trend, and pairing with the pastel heels 17.99, the mint green t-shirt for 12.99 you can soften the previous grunge trend and transform it into preppy for a small price.


Look one: Laidback Spring time
The Mom jeans are an absolute snatch at £19.99 and even cheaper if you get Student discount! They are paired with a Fred Perry esque shirt which comes in at just £14.99. The styles are so similar to other high street shops but the prices are fab! Definitely will be snapping this outfit up on payday.
Look two: Sun Lounger
Okay, so we all have moments where we literally don’t want to leave the house, am I right? The lounge shorts are £9.99 and something I can see myself living in for Spring, and the very cute Pop tarts T-Shirt is a cool £12.99, plus I just love wearing what I eat, am I the only one?! Pop tarts are amazing!
Look three: Clueless Shopper
I think the title is pretty self explanatory, and I am actually almost fed up of the clueless references myself. But I love how this tartan skirt surpasses school girl imitations and actually has a classy element about it. Can’t wait to get my hands on this super cool piece, paired with the £40 essential biker jacket you have to have!



Last minute staples

*Pale Pink Check Boyfriend Coat

*Monochrome Baroque Print Contrast Collar Tunic Dress

*Grey Check Midi Skirt

*Pink Wavy Textured Pencil Skirt

*Limited Burgundy Leather Metal Tip Cut Out Ankle Boots

*White Basic Ballet Pumps

I don’t know how I could possibly name this ‘last minute’, as each and every piece is an obsession of mine! If you read any of my spring 2014 posts back in October/November you will know that I have been waiting for all of these garments for so long. I was perhaps a little naughty with the inclusion of a £75 pair of boots, but I think real leather boots are a great investment and particularly a burgundy shade. I know that many of you will disagree with my point of view, but the boyfriend coat at £54.99 is pretty bargainous, since browsing the New in section again today I have spotted a stone and blue one, but this is still a cute, quirky favourite. Midi skirts are so sophisticated and genuinely work well anytime of year dressed up correctly, alongside the very work appropriate pencil skirt in a shocking pink to make the boys wink!

All in all I feel like New Look is a complete success pre Spring already, and I think that my wages are no longer safe! Has anything caught your eye?

P.s please don’t make it all sell out before I grab it!

21 thoughts on “New Look: New In

  1. Great post, Jessica! I have opened a few of these items into tabs and am going to check them out further now. I am on the hunt for some potential work wear so am interested in the last look particularly, although that mint green tshirt is looooovely!
    N xo


  2. I love their spring collection too i am loving all the pastel colours!The mint green t shirt is so simple but i love it! xx


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