Primark Haul & OOTD’s

Hello you gorgeous lot, I hope you all had a fantastic New Years Eve whatever you did! I have an upcoming post about how I celebrated & my OOTD.. Which you’ve probably previewed already, but would love to hear what everyone else did!

After Christmas my brain sort of went spending crazy & I absolutely had to hit the shops… Every day in fact. As I’ve mentioned previously I have never been one for in store sales, but they seem to have lured me in this year. Peter & I spent the 30th in Primark for pretty much hours but managed to nab us both wardrobe essentials:


Peter’s finds equated to a settling £26! I bought a little bit more, but it still didn’t break the bank.


My main accessory & beauty steal was the £1 coral lipstick which is amazing! It smells gorgeous, gives a bright vibrant colour & works really well with the hair donut.


We spent a total of £67 which for a haul & all the items we nabbed is absolutely crazy!

I did a few outfits with my favourite items as I couldn’t resist, pretty much as soon as I got in as I like to plan my outfits before I wear them out.



This is my favourite outfit which I wore for a day of shopping, it consists of:

Topshop sale £15 midi skirt
Primark white fluffy crop £10
Primark scrunchie £1 for a pack of three
Primark coral lipstick £1
Tk Maxx Clutch bag £20
New Look strappy gold heeled shoes £20

My second favourite item is the seemingly boring, but cosy & easily paired crochet jumper.


Primark black crochet jumper £8
Levi’s High waisted shorts £39.99
Scrunchie & Lipstick as above

I also couldn’t resist wearing my denim & sheepskin jacket, despite the fact that Peter picked up the same one! They were only £10 in the sale, & I’m glad I held out for it rather than purchasing the Topshop one on impulse.


Primark Men’s denim jacket £10
Primark fluffy crop
New Look black high waisted jeans £25.99
Red Vans £39.99
Primark scrunchie

Primark shopping was a tonne of fun without breaking the bank. When you can get T-Shirts & accessories for a pound, & an underwear set for £2 you can’t really go wrong!

Have you managed to hit Primark yet, amidst the New Year madness?

22 thoughts on “Primark Haul & OOTD’s

  1. You look so gorgeous, great outfits! + wow you did really well! I’m not usually one for sale shopping as I get quite claustrophobic but with savings like that I think I’ll have to brace myself and go for it! L xo


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