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Missguided lustings: Accessories & Fashion


SO it’s no secret that I have no self control when it comes to spending I’m sorry! But now that my money well and truly has run out, I have rationed myself to creating wish lists so I can lust over items and then buy them every payday ( we can only pray I don’t get too buying happy!)

Missguided has to be one of my favourite sites where you can snap up COMPLETE bargains in my opinion, for items that look as good quality elsewhere, same or better design for at least ten pounds cheaper. When you see my wish list you will notice some familiar faces for this seasons trend and realise that the prices really are to be reckoned with!!


The £2.99 Technic Cheek tint was the first thing that caught my eye. Now I may be completely out of touch but I haven’t seen this before & would be interested to see how it performed as a Benefit dupe!

The two hats were unavoidable really, I have to wear hats fur to my hair but I’m also pretty fond of them! The Rovena Roller hat with Bow in burgundy comes in at £12.99, which by no means matches my eBay bargains but is a lot cheaper than other sites! The Palenie Leaf Beanie hat is the same price, and is a tad compulsive after motel rocks ‘leaf’ print patterns.

The Akema Jewel Plate necklace was a necessity as the £45 one on Asos had completely sold out so this was a real bargain gem to stumble upon! The pastel bag has a similar story attached, the Mignon Jewel Detail Square Bag in Blush is a measly £19.99 for a real show stopper for this season. The Doliata laser cut envelope bag in blue was a little necessary as its only £16.09 in the sale, and anything reduced, bright & gorgeous naturally catches my eye!


Fashion fashion fashion, where do I even begin? These picks really speak for themselves to me, they’re calling ‘please buy me, please love me & wear me’ of course I reply ‘I love you so much I just can’t afford you!’

Skirts wise you can’t have missed the huge pencil skirt PVC trend, now I’m so short I was praying for something a little less lengthy so when I saw Nasgia PVC mini skirt in pink I was completely over the moon, for £18 too?! The Ekata Hologram A-Line Skirt for £24.99 left me longing for more as I’ve totally fallen for the holographic trend, and fallen hard!

I love the vibrancy of the Christa Rose print playsuit £29.99 I always crave a long sleeved playsuit but with a fun, bold print and this is definitely the one for me!

I adore the 60’s & am very excited for the upcoming shift dress trend so I couldn’t resist the Corenia collared floral shift dress for £30. It’s fresh, feminine smart and featuring quirky contrast collars!

Who can resist the Keira Faux Fur Open Cape in Black I certainly can’t, but I think my bank balance is tactfully dodging the £60 bill! As much as I was dying to pair the coat with the beautiful Lucija Floral Brocade Trousers which look so expensive, tailored an rich in colour for £29.99.

I’m a walking, talking, breathing Missguided praiser & obsessive, & I’m not sorry!

24 thoughts on “Missguided lustings: Accessories & Fashion

  1. I love how defined your style is. You definitely have a look. Like, I could go shopping and know just what to get you. So cool ❤



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