So I thought that I would share a rather fitting #ootd with y’all. I created my Twitter name @MinnieToodles based on my favourite character Minnie Mouse & the fact that I come and go.. So what perfect outfit than polka dots for Minnie!




In Autumn I felt like I took a lot more risks fashion wise, and was able to wear things without worrying about the weather too much.. Alas Winter doesn’t give me such freedom! However just because it’s winter and you want to keep warm and comfortable doesn’t mean that it has to be boring.

I find the addition of a bright fabric or piece such as a bold blouse makes you feel so much happier and confident, it does me at least!

I had a tonne of parcels to take to the post office from eBay so I was able to take advantage of my Urban Outfitters Vintage Renewal leather bowler bag, which according to Pete makes me look like an 80’s mailman!!

You can’t go out without a coat this time of year, and this Missguided baby is still a firm favourite. I’m all about pleather and leather all year round, whether in fashion or not so this is a keeper.

My polka dot blouse is a firm favourite from Topshop over Summer and was almost the best money I’ve spent on an item of clothing before! The jeans are Leigh skinny’s I have about 3 of these as they fit like a glove.

The long knee high boots are from Chockers and for Β£20 they are serving me incredibly well it’s amazing!

Hope you all enjoyed my Minnie Mouse inspired post!

29 thoughts on “POLKA DOTTY: OOTD

  1. Fabulous outfit once again Jessica! I love the bowler bag; who cares if it has an 80s feel-tell Pete he doesn’t ‘get’ fashion haha. I love Leigh jeans -they are so comfy but maange to smooth and slim your legs haha. Lauryn xxx


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