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AFTERNOON lovely ladies!

My Zara jumpsuit arrived this morning and I was pretty happy.. in fact so happy i popped it on at 8am this morning!

Over summer I spotted so many pieces that I was desperate to get my hands on and just became sell outs immediately.. This is where eBay is an absolute beauty & has found me some real gems including this baby.

I love jumpsuits all year round, they’re literally the comfiest thing ever and make me feel surprisingly feminine. They’re perfect for a bad wardrobe day, eaten too much food day AND feeling fantastic day.. Do you get that I love them yet?! Any item that’s this versatile and features my beloved Spring 2014 is a winner in my eyes (in case you’re wondering- the wide leg trousers!)


Now I must admit the jumpsuit is MEGA long for a mere 5 foot something girl, and I purchased it in small and had to get a pin and literally pull in about 5/6 inches to make it fit my waist. Now this sounds like an awful ordeal but once adjusted its so comfy and I have no worries about lumps, bumps or feeling uncomfortable!




I don’t think this will be my sought after Christmas Day spectacular dress, but it’s for sure my new favourite casual/smart lunch outfit addition to my wardrobe! Ill now be on the hunt for a sparkly affair to showcase over Christmas.. Wish me luck!!!

41 thoughts on “THINK PINK

  1. Gorgeous playsuit! I love monochrome colours so much, also is your hair real?! Loving the pink it really suits you ๐Ÿ™‚ xx


    • Thanks gorgeous! Was such a bargain, and oh thank you so much!!! Nah it’s not too much of It has fallen out now but I love this wig hahaha!
      Hope you’re having a fantastic weekend lady! Lots of love xx


  2. That looks great! Love eBay bargains. I really wish I could wear jumpsuits but they look terrible on me – I’m way too big (height and width ha!).

    I think that pink wig looks incredible on you too Hun. I’ve been toying with the idea of bleaching my hair out to go pink!! Xx


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  4. I have major hair envy right now! I would love to have pink hair (or any colour hair apart from black/dark brown!). Thanks so much for your latest comment, Jessica, the bit about the music made me laugh! Honestly though, I’m glad I’m not the only one! MAC counters and Topshop are the worst for it. Soooooo stressful!!!! x


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