Finding yourself (in Fashion, Blogging & Life)

Hello guys,

I’ve been thinking a lot lately about when I started blogging back in September and even over that short period of time what struggles I (and many others) have to overcome as a blogger. I think that finding yourself amongst so many other bloggers and ‘models’ (you know, the perfectly polished outfit photos with awesome outdoor backgrounds?) can be such a difficult task. You keep hearing the advice ‘be yourself’ ‘be yourself’.. Well what if you’re me and yourself isn’t exciting, unique or beautiful enough to compete with these posts?! I’m not any of these things, I’m ill, I don’t leave the house much BUT that doesn’t mean I can’t write about exciting and unique things! Blogging is a completely different realm to real life for me.

For me, I try to make my writing relevant and almost a better form of myself. Blogging is about what’s in your mind and on the pen- the mind is amazing! Creativity, thoughts and viewpoints are the key components for the back bone of your blog. It doesn’t matter what you do or how you perceive yourself. That’s what I’ve come to learn over time anyway. Your blog is a place for your ‘best bits! & positivity, and not a place that should make you focus on negativity or your weak points. Comparing yourself to others consistently just isn’t healthy. Constant comparison isn’t the same as high aspiration, as sure you want to achieve amazing things… But expecting to perform, look, write the same as someone else it just won’t happen, as humans we are all so very different. I’m with the belief that I love burgers. LOADS. They’re heavenly, amazing, tasty but I don’t aspire to be one, or look like one, and that’s my outlook in life you can stop reading if you like 😉

I am an average joe. I never had a tonne of friends in school, or was overly popular or beautiful, but now I have fashion! I can be different people- a mannequin for clothes and fashion to showcase. I love that, & I love fashion! Some people may perceive a life dedicated to fashion as a ‘short road’, ‘vanity’, ‘self absorption’ or ‘ little fulfilment’ & I quote these as these are things that have been said to me.. Fashion is about self expression, and goes a lot further than some people may think.

With my hair falling out its created a blessing.Wigs show different sides of me I want to display.It’s not a personal change, but an expression of how I’m feeling or what look I’m channelling that day. I think that hair really plays a big part of confidence, & that’s why wigs are like heaven!

Blogging should bring about confidence, happiness and imagination. It shouldn’t matter your social standing, upbringing or looks its what inside your brain! You don’t have to be a ‘model’ to blog about fashion, you don’t have to study ‘Fashion’ to be able to blog about it, and you certainly shouldn’t let anyone tell you how to blog.. Especially not me! Ultimately it is your blog & no advice on how to write or be yourself will write your blog in a unique manner, but I think it’s important to focus on the right things when it comes down to it.

I don’t want this to be about bad media within fashion related to young girls. I know for a fact it can bring about a lot of weight issues, distorted views & self esteem issues but it also can be so positive! Fashion is a way of communicating in everyday life, whatever language you speak or country you’re from you understand fashion. If you’re shy inside you can still project how you feel & what you love, & that’s my favourite thing about it.

We are a community, not in competition with one another & that’s the main point to remember.


14 thoughts on “Finding yourself (in Fashion, Blogging & Life)

  1. I love your blog, it’s so nice to see a fashion blogger who isn’t pretentious or in love with themselves, and your style is fabulous.
    The pink and blonde hair is awesome too! Love it.
    Naomi xo


  2. This was such an inspirational post to read! You are gorgeous and i love your blog i cant believe you’ve only been blogging since September,amazing!!xx


  3. I tottaly agree! Most of the time i feel like im under pressure to buy new thigs and have pretty pictures just to success as a blogger. I want to blog about what i want and if i can get out before it gets dark and have someone to take pretty pictures i wont. I also hate when girls write a guide to logging and they say tht u need to write certain way or post regulary or have one theme to a blog. I want to write the way i feel at te momet and if my words are not used right then im sorry , i also want to blog whetever i feel like it without any deadlines . Love ur blog btw 🙂 x


    • I completely agree with you! I’m glad you feel the same, there definitely is a lot of pressure and judgement amongst the lovely lot of bloggers I think! Keep doing what you’re doing your way!! Xxx


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