Love affair with black ootd


Hello beautiful babes,

I wanted to go for something a little bit different today ; not in terms of colour, but more textures and patterns. It’s a month until Christmas and we’re heading into Winter pretty sharpish after the past week we’ve had, so I thought that I would take advantage of this outfit whilst I can.

A while ago.. (I mean summer a while ago!! ) I decided to go on a massive haul at Daisy Street’s website. I spent far too much money, but ended up with some great pieces afterwards. One of the items I picked up was a sheer mesh long sleeved top which I was terrified to wear beforehand. Bare stomach, bare arms, a tonne of flesh on show! However since reuniting with my New Look lace bralet I have slightly changed my opinion and really come round to wearing this top. I think it’ll serve it’s purpose well with a short sleeved top or crop underneath for Winter time.

I’m a bit besotted with Blackheart Creatives and although this is only my second purchase I’m completely in love. I adore personalised gifts and jewellery anyway, and have been a fan of initial necklaces & the perhaps unsought of ‘Sister’ & Mum rings you can pick up in Argos…

My necklace is pretty much treasured now as it’s the only item I have that reminds me of my blog every single day. If I feel a little down or need motivation it’s got my back.. I love the choice of the red glitter acrylic to match my name ‘JessicaWabbit’ although I thought I’d opt for the original Jessica Rabbit!

My skort is becoming a favourite in my wardrobe in spite of the cold weather. I just couldn’t not pair it with the mesh long sleeved top. The boots are white soled, black, chunky lace ups from New Look which have only been worn out the house once.. I kind of get terrified that the white soles will become blemished and unusable! I do this about every item of clothing until I get to the point where I think.. Just wear it you crazy woman!!!!

Am I the only one who can’t break the black cycle?! I think if you keep coming back to something it’s got to be a firm favourite, so why change it! That pretty much sums up my life long affair with black.

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