On Wednesdays we wear pink OOTD

Hello beautiful blogger babes,
As you might’ve guessed it definitely isn’t Wednesday, and I definitely don’t abide by rules on when I’m allowed to wear colour. However despite this I’m feeling like it should be a necessity to wear at least one brightly coloured outfit every week! I slip into monochrome and black constantly, and as classic and gorgeous as it is sometimes its nice to wear something a little brighter. I always feel like what clothes I wear reflect the mood I’m in on the day, but can also change the way I’m feeling
and bright colours are an instant boost.

Recently I became a little attached to the brand Maison Scotch -which if you haven’t heard of stock a gorgeous selection of clothes at Asos, but also have a quirky range of fantastic quality satchels and accessories. The full price of the medium satchels are £156 but Asos have been fantastic for bargains lately, and have reduced quite a lot down to £40-£50 which for a genuine, real leather satchel with an original cute design you can’t really go too wrong!


I thought I would showcase the bag with two outfits as I believe the bowler hat to work best with the outfit. I think the bag is perfect for a laid back chic, despite the quality of the materials and design. When I wear the wide brim, 70’s hat I feel as if my outfit is instantly dressed up, but with the addition of the bowler hat as an alternative it serves for a more casual look.

The satchel has turned out to be the perfect size for me. I’m not sure about you but I always find that the satchels can be way too oversized for an everyday look. It would be fine if I was still at college or school, but I actually want to wear it as an accessory, and at 5 foot 2 being quite small I get drowned by rather large bags (as gorgeous as statement bags are). I like baby pink satchels in general thanks to the bombardment of the pastel trend, but with the addition of the brown colourings and white on the leather it really isn’t too Girly.

The jumper is a bright pink 3/4 sleeve knit from Primark which cost me just £10. It’s actually one of my favourite jumpers for the pure fact of the rich, bright colour I’m in love with. The quality is surprisingly great, and has lasted a good few washes without going completely bobbly. It’s a nice change to my long sleeved, bobbled, really dark dingy jumpers… Which more than likely have ended up from Primark and been through too many washes.

Maison scotch’s jewellery is usually around £20-£30 for a really unique item. The piece I bought was the Inkstamp signature ring, but I also love the western inspired rings, and the volcanic rock(I used to be obsessed with crystals when I was a child! As much as the ring isn’t something I’d usually pick out, it’s a a fair fly away from jewels, and plain gold and silver, and I haven’t seen anyone wearing this ring yet.

The skirt is a monochrome pelmet skirt which I bought in summer to pair with the crop top I wore in my autumn florals post! I absolutely adore it; the pattern, the fit and the cut and it makes a change from my mass of skorts and leggings. The heeled boots are my ever favourite Chelsea boots from Very, they were bought in the sale for £50 and fit perfectly whilst giving great height! Would highly recommend these babies.

Hope you enjoyed! Would love to know if you wear brights in Winter or slip into monochrome! Xx

31 thoughts on “On Wednesdays we wear pink OOTD

  1. love your outfit! I have been too in love with monochrome lately but it’s nice to have a little colour even if it’s just accessories. But yes I am kinda obsessed with all black and black and white and still loving my dark colours :/ x


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