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Dogtooth styles OOTD’s

Hello gorgeous gals,

After my contemplation of the content on my blog I am back with a vengeance with Fashion and OOTD’s. Lately I have been thinking a lot about dogtooth, houndstooth, whatever you wanna call it tooth. You might remember Michael Kors back in February with the gorgeous houndstooth prints and dresses, and since then I’ve been seeking the perfect versatile item to channel the trend. I don’t like to always follow a trend if it doesn’t necessarily suit my body type or shape, but when it comes to print it can be worn in so many different forms, if you don’t want to commit to a fully printed item think of Kim Kardashian and her long monochrome houndstooth scarf- gorgeous and classic.

My first look I created was with a £7.99 leotard from New Look which I actually purchased at the beginning of the year before I was even made aware of the ‘fall’/Autumn trends of this year. I think it was an absolute bargain, especially as it can easily be styled with boyfriend jeans, leather shorts, skinny jeans, maxi skirts the possibilities are endless! I have gone for a pretty casual street look, it’s what I feel most comfortable in, as life isn’t always dining out and clubbing… And if it is can I have your life please?!

*The skirt is a Missguided faux leather skater skirt which I snapped up from my usual eBay (please don’t start to think I’m a little addicted…) I picked it up for a fiver as I think people got a little bored of skater skirts, but for me it’s a great length for petites and I’m pretty chuffed with it.

*The New Look leotard as mentioned above was £7.99 from the beginning of this year and the necessary piece to make the outfit.

*The green beanie hat is from the Men’s section in Urban Outfitters for £20 in Brighton.

*The boots are previously featured Very Network Chelsea heeled boots.


I created two other looks with a Vintage houndstooth blazer I picked up from a local vintage renewal shop. When I wore it buttoned up it kind of reminded me of my horse riding days, but in a good way… It’s a very masculine cut, and therefore I feel like responsibility and authority comes with wearing it!(Not that women don’t have that anyway, feminists throw your pitchforks away).

Look one embraces the Masculine elements of houndstooth by deliberately including the Cheap Monday Acid Wash roll up jeans. They are so comfy but not too skinny and tight on the legs. My thighs are my worst feature and I don’t particularly like them being enhanced so the straight leg sits comfy with me.

I ‘borrowed’ the Vans off the wall grey woollen beanie hat as I was pleased how a beanie worked with the houndstooth before and helps create a laid back , chilled out look. Fashion isn’t always about showing off, at least it isn’t for me and I like to wear styles and pieces without looking like I’m hitting the catwalk.. The catwalk is my inspiration not my bible.

Look two I’m more fond of as I’ve paired the blazer with my tartan leggings from George at Asda (which fit me so nicely). I rarely mix prints that clash but I actually think somehow this works with the darker colours & not too vibrant patterns and prints. This is something I would happily hit the shops with, especially with the addition of my favourite bowler hat.

Have you got any houndstooth? How are you wearing it? Xx

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