Winter warmers with Treat Republic

Christmas time is about giving, spending time with family,and religious beliefs for some. However we may not like to admit it but Christmas and Winter time also features a lot of indulgence. We over indulge in food, spending, drinking and everything else that the festive season entails. Through-out all this over indulgence we all need some time to relax and wrap up warm; we don’t need any excuses other than simply needing a break & wanting to keep warm.

Working alongside Treat Republic I have picked out two gorgeous gifts that are the perfect treat for yourself over Winter time; or for the more generous- great presents to give someone who needs some extra TLC. At Christmas some people are so difficult to buy for, and you are literally sat completely stumped and confused! This is why I chose the ‘Touch screen gloves with bows’, and the ‘Happy Feet’ set. I challenge you to find someone who doesn’t want toasty tootsies and warmed up hands during Winter.

My favourite relaxation pick from the website had to be the ‘Happy Feet’ set (£19.99)! Before the box is even opened to reveal the contents inside it’s beautifully packaged and enticing. I love the feminine feel of the box, and that I’m able to get a snapshot of what’s in store with the see through panel. I think this would be perfect for someone opening a present on Christmas Day; they don’t have to open up the whole box to realise what they are getting. The font choice and decoration seems elegant and sophisticated implying that the gift is expensive and indulgent.

Now onto the actual products…
The first thing I am immediately drawn to is the smell of the foot scrub and the foot cream. It oozes sleep inducing tones of lavender, in the ‘not too thick’ consistency of the cream and the scrub. When the scrub is squeezed it doesn’t produce a huge amount of grain, and is easier to apply than others as it lathers up quickly and easily, but still with the functionality of exfoliating. I personally like the foot cream as it has a thinner texture than others, meaning that you don’t have to use as much- but for some they may prefer a thicker liquid to massage in.

Not only are the slippers adorably cosy, cute,and perfect for a winter wonderland- they are practical! Hallelujah! When I’m forking out twenty pounds on a present for someone I want to know that the item is going to be of a high standard and quality. The slippers definitely didn’t disappoint, and if you see the photos above the textured bobbled sole of the slipper ensures that they won’t just wear away within a mater of weeks, which I know a lot of slippers in sets do. The foot cream and scrub come in 238ml bottles which guarantee that they will be suitable for many tired feet evenings to come!

I was just messing around, but surprisingly the Happy Feet set doubled up pretty well as a skincare holder set for personal use. I don’t expect anyone else to do this upon receiving it as a gift, but it goes to show how big the set is, and how high quality the packaging is.

The ‘Touch screen gloves with bows’ (£24.99) are the perfect present for the fashionista always on her phone! I know that touchscreen gloves definitely aren’t a new idea, but I’m loving the injection of colour selection into the product.

There are four different colours to choose from, and if I had the funds I’m pretty sure I would have them in every single colour! I haven’t actually tried touch screen gloves before so I was unaware of how they worked, if and how well they did. The touch screen sensitive pads are present on the thumb and index finger of the gloves, and work perfectly!!! I am on my phone 24/7, even when I’m outside walking around busy town so this is now my solution to not having to take a glove off everytime I want to type or browse. I think the different colours make a gorgeous change to the classic, but over sold leather touch screen gloves, or the plain black woollen gloves. They are ideal for any age group from technology obsessed teenagers, to those business savvy women and make you feel a little more dainty than the plain black woollen gloves do.

I hope that you enjoyed my Winter warmer choices from Treat Republic, and perhaps helped you with some shopping inspiration.. Even if it is for yourself!

5 thoughts on “Winter warmers with Treat Republic

  1. Those touchscreen gloves are gorgeous! I bought some from primark last year but they’re a bit tacky looking, I’ll have to get myself some of these ones!

    S xo.


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