Hello ya’ll! I don’t usually do OOTD’s so this is a new one for me really, & I was pleasantly surprised at the burst of light at 4pm today- kind of regret taking out my sunnies!

For my body shape my thighs are the biggest part of my body- I’m not saying I’m fat or they’re big in comparison to other people- just in proportion to my own body. This is the reason why I have completely steered clear of leggings a lot & particularly wet look, or leather leggings! I genuinely have received some truly filthy looks from people before & actually today I had someone look me up and down as if I was a troll…. However I actually didn’t give a toss!!

Thanks to my friend @VanierDanielle (if you don’t follow her you must shes a beauty and fashion guru), she has given me oodles of confidence. Everything she wears just oozes sexiness & confidence, and her ‘don’t give a fuck’ attitude has inspired me to stop caring about what everyone thinks. I have learnt that you cant please everyone so why try! You might as well wear what you feel comfortable & good in & sod the rest of them!


My outfit may not seem like a brave choice, but for me it really was. I absolutely love wearing wet look & leather leggings in autumn/winter and think I made the right choice to get them out!

*The necklace I’m wearing is from Claire’s accessories- I thought that I had to inject some sort of colour into it & I’m kind of obsessed with good and black forever and always!
*The bracelets are from Topshop, as are the wet look leggings from the petite section this season. The grey ruched top is also Topshop this season, and super comfortable & soft! I nearly got rid of it thinking it was plain, but am so glad I kept it as I kind of love it now!
*The bag is from BHS which I amazingly won in one of their Friday competitions which I’m over the moon about as I think it’s beautiful. I wouldn’t usually think to add snake skin to one of my outfits but it just works!
*The glitter boucle jacket with the faux leather collar is from last years atmosphere collection, but I think ill be carrying this right through to next year!
*I also threw on my H&M trusty pair of black leather boots which I bought in Brighton and haven’t failed me! (Really wish I picked up another pair!)
*My make up is bare minerals powder, Kate Moss rimmel London lipstick, loreal Paris liquid eyeliner & body shop eyebrow pencil in brown.

Hope you like xxxx

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